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On the way

On The Way – Cab Sharing


The On the way application enables easy ride booking between two users.

The driver owns the vehicle and uses it every day. He intends to earn by sharing his ride with others. Passengers can search for drivers traveling along the same route.


To build this app, we had to comprehend the driver’s and passenger’s requirements. The driver needs to view potential passengers, while the passenger must be able to see available drivers traveling on the same route. The passenger must pick a driver from the list and send a request to book a trip. The driver can either approve or reject the request. Both parties will be informed of each other’s contact details to schedule a pickup if accepted. After completing the ride, all involved will have the opportunity to rate one another.

There was a need for a smooth application that would allow riders to book rides and pay the drivers easily. The application faced many challenges in its early stages. PHP core and API response were slow. The loader was also slow when someone was trying to book a ride.


We built an iOS application using Swift UI and Laravel for the backend.


On the way is the fastest-running application on iOS that allows passengers and drivers to connect in just 2 steps.

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