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Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management System


Technology is crucial in enhancing efficiency and reducing the hustle of big lines, chits and chats for fast and delayed orders.

Android App Odoo v13 is designed with predominant features that guard the basic operations of restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. In addition, we have developed a restaurant management app that ensures smooth operations with user types involving four components: cashier, cook, customer, and self-order.


Our solution

The challenge area was connecting the socket and transferring data volume from one application to another from the cashier to the kitchen screen, which could have been more efficient.
The problem was solved by passing the JSON array and objects by transferring the data faster with a network, reading it, and communicating it with the local database. This was achieved by connecting the local Java socket and creating the node web socket to connect the application with the centralized server and transfer the data.


Smooth and efficient data transfer was achieved with advanced-level technology. A POS application that connects the cashier and kitchen was created successfully. The application is also integrated with the waiter and includes a self-order kiosk feature that helps connect it with the centralized server.

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