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Magento 2 An Overview Of How This Open-Source Platform Can Help Your Business

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Magento 2 An Overview Of How This Open-Source Platform Can Help Your Business

Magento 2 is undoubtedly one of the best platforms that help e-commerce business websites to run successfully. It comes with a plethora of features that help it stand out as the leading option for businesses. It is basically the upgraded version of Magento and offers an enhanced user experience to e-commerce merchants. Let’s learn how this open-source platform can do wonders for your eCommerce business!

Magento Open Source and Its Benefits

It won’t be wrong to say that Magento 2 open source is the foundation upon which you can establish your full-fledged e-commerce business. Magento never fails to surprise its users with a multitude of features. Further, several third-party customizations and modules can be used to reap the benefits of the extended versions of Magento 2.

This open-source platform has been offering impeccable features to its users since its introduction back in 2007.

Below mentioned are the various tools that you can leverage to take your e-commerce to the next level using Magento 2.
  • Wish lists
  • Up-sell, cross-sell
  • Stock availability
  • Swatches, multiple images, and different visual aspects of a product page
  • Multi-tier pricing
  • Promotional pricing and coupons
  • Product sharing options
  • Recently viewed new and similar products
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Customizable product categories
  • Persistent shopping cart
Magento 2 also allows you to work on the different aspects of search engine optimization as mentioned below:
  • Google sitemap
  • Configurable URL rewrites
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Metadata for different store pages
Apart from these, Magento 2 also offers multiple other advantages to the e-commerce business owner:
  • It allows easy management of catalogs.
  • E-commerce business owners can also manage multiple websites with the help of Magento 2.
  • It also makes the payment, shipping and checkout systems safe, flawless and hassle-free, thereby improving customer experience.
  • Order management gets easy and convenient with Magento 2.
  • Also, it offers multiple customer-centric options such as order history, product reviews, a user-friendly dashboard, a shareable wish list and so on.

Why should you choose Magento 2 for your e-commerce store?

As per a report, e-commerce merchants who leverage Magento have shown 3x growth as compared to those who rely on other platforms. It is the ideal option for any e-commerce store owner who experiences high traffic and greater sales volume. Magento 2 offers a better conversion rate as well as easy management of website traffic.

Here’s why you should leverage Magento 2 and stay relevant in the cut-throat competition!

SEO-friendly platform

The best thing about Magento 2 open source is perhaps its SEO-friendly features. It optimizes your product pages and uses crisp and skimmable product descriptions.

Robust eCommerce platform

It is a robust e-commerce development platform that can cater to all your business requirements. By far, it is the best e-commerce development platform that every e-commerce merchant should use in the initial phase of his/her business.

Easy to customize

Magento 2 offers elaborate customization of website view, features and configuration of different product categories. Apart from the organization of the website, you can also customize shipment, payment and language options.

In a nutshell

Magento 2 is a powerful open-source platform that can help your business grow and succeed. It has the tools to create attractive and user-friendly eCommerce stores with high levels of security, scalability, performance, flexibility, and customization options. With its comprehensive suite of features, it makes creating an online store easier than ever before

You must leverage Magento 2 open-source platform if you wish to take your e-commerce business to the next level. Refer to this blog post and make a well-informed choice for your e-commerce store.

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