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IoT – internet of things

IoT – Internet of Things

Experience The Power Of Connected Devices With Our Iot Solutions

Our IoT capabilities
At Verticle Global, we aim to offer custom iot solutions centered around value, master internet of things, and create multi-tiered data pipelines ranging from edge computing to cloud-based data processing and data science.

Revolutionize Your Business with the Latest IoT Technology

With our years of experience helping businesses build a technologically robust and secure environment, we are here to help you unlock more potential for your brand. Our IoT-powered solutions enable organizations to turn business needs into competitive advantages. Our comprehensive IoT services include integrating appropriate sensors, deriving meaningful insights, and selecting the best-fit platform. Our services empower organizations to

  • Scale your business efficiently
  • The power to analyze and act on new data
  • Integrate intelligent business solutions for growth
  • Transform Business Processes to meet the ever-changing requirements

Our IoT capabilities

Preventive equipment maintenance : By remotely monitoring equipment performance metrics and detecting potential malfunctions early on, equipment breakage and production interruptions can be prevented.

Data Analytics : The collection and monitoring of sensor data in real-time are done for various purposes, such as batch, predictive, and interactive analysis.

Environmental monitoring : Measurement of environmental metrics such as temperature, humidity, pollution, CO2 levels, etc., is crucial for several purposes, including compliance with asset storage and transportation, monitoring of operational conditions for industrial equipment and human workplaces, and determining the environmental impact of processes.

Cloud services : Optimize both cost and functionality by provisioning and integrating multiple cloud services simultaneously.

Our Iot Solutions
Platform Development

What we offer

Platform Development

Our team has expertise in developing various IoT platforms, including proprietary, open-source, and custom platforms. We have extensive hands-on experience in creating IoT applications on the HPE IoT platform. Our team is authorized to develop IoT applications using GE Predix under the Digital Alliance partnership.

Product Development

We offer a comprehensive range of services for the design, development, and implementation of connected products, covering the full stack from embedded devices to cloud computing. Our team has extensive hands-on experience in developing IoT solutions spanning various industries, including healthcare, robotics, and maritime. Our expertise in developing embedded, mobility, and cloud computing solutions ensures we can deliver the right IoT product for your needs.

Product Sustenance

Our range of services includes re-engineering, code optimization, and re-factoring to enhance the functionality of your products. We also offer comprehensive testing services that cover manual and automated testing, regression testing, and more.
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