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The Future of Work: How Technology is Changing the Workplace

The Future of Work: How Technology is Changing the Workplace

The Future of Work: How Technology is Changing the Workplace

Every business around the world is in the race of getting their feet in this digital transformation wave. This digital transformation is changing the fundamentals of how business runs. Some of these technologies include artificial intelligence, AR/VR, blockchain, and bespoken software solutions. As we are in the digital era, it is important to understand how all these advancement in technology along with our dependencies on technology is going to reshape the world around us. Keep no doubt in your mind, these advancement in technology are just going to increase in the upcoming years.

If you want to appreciate the power of technology, it is important to understand the evolution of technology in work. Technology has always been the part of our lives it doesn’t matter which era it was it can be industrial era, or it can be this digital age where technology is at the centre of how business works. In the 21st century it has exceeded the geographical boundaries and has a big role in transforming the office space.

One of the most significant changes that has occurred is the shift towards the remote & flexible work environment. With the availability of internet and advanced communication software’s, employees are no longer bound to their desks. These unexpected changes where like boon during the lockdown period and has forced people to revaluate how the work process should be, how people can collaborate and above all how the productivity is responded with the flexibility given.

The Rise of Automation

Can you tell me what is the biggest driving force of change in the organizations? It is automation. In more specific words automation using AI and ML. Its funny that humans are addicted to there devices, where as machines are eagerly learning new things. As these technologies are maturing, they are handling few tasks in the business. However, it wont be long that these automated machines will be able to the whole tasks in the business world.

According to McKinsey report, Activities that takes up to the 30% of hours currently across the US economy can be automated by the year 2030. Still, not sure whether it can happen or not? In the restaurant business its already happening. Take a look at the video below where a robot is making noodles in place of the person.

This automation is also expanding in the production and service sector through the self-driving vehicles and warehouse robots. This ultimate combination of AI and robotics is going to create a virtual work environment.

But what about the corporate world? Businesses are turning towards the bespoken software for navigating the complexities of this modern workplace tool as its strategic tool. But there is reason for there also, unlike off the shelve software solutions, which goes with one-size-fits all approach, or here I can say one-solution-fit -all approach. Whereas, bespoken software, they are crafted to meet the unique requirements of your organization.

It is important to keep in mind that at its core bespoken software, is all about the customization. It’s a solution that is developed with unique workflows, challenges and goals of business in mind. You might be wondering: What is the need of this customization?

There are two answers for that:

  1. Seamless Integration
  2. Increased Efficiency

Well, this ensures that the software that you want to integrate will integrate without any issues in the existing process. This will not affect the efficiency of the current program, but will increase it and will be much more effective than any ready-made program available.

Now that you are clear about the role of bespoken software, let’s see the advantages it offers.

Benefits of using Bespoken Software

Bespoken software, a planned imperative in modern business, these customized solutions are developed on the specific needs of the organizations. Explore the advantages provided by the bespoken software.

Enhanced Productivity & Efficiency

Bespoken software is developed to restructure and optimize the workflow which leads to increased productivity. By automating the repetitive tasks & removing the unnecessary steps, employees can focus on the activities that are more important and increasing the productivity.

Personalized User experience

It is common that when you buy the already developed software, there might be irrelevant or unused by your business. Whereas, bespoken software provides a personalized user experience where the functionalities tailored to the need of the particular organization.

Adaptability & Scalability

Now a days organizations are required to be scalable with the rapidly changing needs and goals of the business. Whereas, if bespoken software is concerned, it is designed with the scalability in mind, which allows the business to grow and adapt according to the needs. This flexibility allows the software to remain relevant as the organization grows.

Data Security & Compliance

In this digital world where cyber security threats are on the rise, strict data protection regulations for security are important. Here when bespoken software, particularly developed by the experienced providers such as Verticle Global Tech, can integrate robust security measures that are customized to the specific business needs & are compatible with various data protection compliances.

The Role of Bespoken Software in Remote Work

One of the defining features of 21st century is the surge of remote work in the organizations. Due to this the team can be geographically detached, therefore the need for seamless communication and collaboration has never become more critical. This is where VGT’s bespoken software emerges as a key factor for work success.

Custom Collaboration Platforms

Bespoken software allows organization to develop custom collaborative platform that align with your unique communication needs. It doesn’t matter, that it can be project management, document sharing or real-time communication tools. These platforms can be customized and optimized for remote collaboration.

Adaptive Project Management

Remote teams require a level of adaptability that generic project management tool might lack. Bespoken software enables the businesses to develop project management solutions which suits the specific project structure and team dynamics.

Remote Access to Customized Tools

For industries with software requirements & specialized tools bespoken solutions enables employees to remotely access these tools. This is particularly important for fields including engineering, and scientific research.


The way we work is changing thanks to the advanced technologies, and one of the cool things leading the change is bespoken software. Companies that uses this particular software especially from the experts like Verticle Global Tech Pvt Ltd, are bound to do well.

As we move through our professional lives as we evolve, using this particular software isn’t just a tech investment, it has become necessity. With the world becoming increasingly digital, leading companies in this unique software can make a move to change the way they do business and stay ahead of the tech game.

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